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The ClinicPilot Way

Building comprehensive marketing campaigns that convert visitors to patients is what we specialize in. By working exclusively in the medical/dental field we are able to focus and continue finding new and engaging ways to build your patient database. Read below to see exactly how working with ClinicPilot will be for you and your practice or clinic.

Our Process

1. Initial Discovery

We meet either in person or on Zoom to discuss your private practice's goals & see how we can help you reach those through various marketing strategies.

2. Marketing Plan

Next we will discuss the perfect marketing strategy for your practice. We will find your target patient through extensive research and then determine which platform(s) will be best to reach them on.

3. Build Out

Once we have built the marketing plan, we will start to build out the assets to implement the strategy. Website, landing pages, email sequences, & ad design will all be completed.

4. Launch & Curation

We will next launch all the creatives we designed in the last phase. Once your ad campaigns are running you will start bringing in exclusive leads that are for your business only.

5. Daily Monitoring

From here on out we will continue to monitor your landing pages & advertisements to make sure they are working. We make small improvements weekly and always work to improve ROI no matter how successful each campaign is.

6. Enjoy

You will have new patient leads coming in daily, we hope you'll enjoy the growth in your practice and the increased revenue coming in every single month.