5 Ways To Improve Dental Website Conversions

Your website is more than words on a page, learn how to use it to drive sales


When thinking about your dental practice website, you should think of it as more than just words on a screen. Can you answer the following questions, why do you have your website? What are you currently using it for? If the answer to those questions were along the lines of “Well, everyone has a website” or “I use it so my patients can find me online.” , you have the wrong idea of what your website should & could be.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And if you haven’t updated your website in a few years (or a decade or more 😉) your website is almost certainly not in the place it needs to be. Websites should be lead generation machines, they should be looked at as a salesman for your practice & front desk assistant all in one. 

Let’s dive deeper and see exactly what you could change or update on your website to drive conversions & even help your current patients with a purpose driven website.

“Websites should not be looked at as an expense, but rather an investment.” –Ryan Wilson , ClinicPilot

What Are Website Conversions?

Before we get into this, you might be confused on what even are website conversions. In short, website conversions is a calculation of the amount of visitors who come to your website versus how many end up either calling your office for a service or filling out an online form.

So in the case of your dental practice, if you had 500 new visitors this month and 15 of those called the office for whatever service you’re promoting or filled out a form then your conversion rate would be 3%. You want to shoot for at least 3% conversions on your site, right now they could be at 1% or less.

Do you know if you have had any true first time website visitor conversions on your website? You probably either said no, or I don’t know if you’re still reading this article.

If you don’t know, you’re probably wondering, how do you track these website conversions anyways?

There are a variety of methods to track website conversions. The most popular would be through Google Analytics  , have you setup Google Analytics on your website yet? 

If not, no problem, I won’t go into depth on how to setup conversions within Google Analytics because that’s a completely different article, but if you’re interested in learning more, Neil Patel made a great tutorial for you to follow on getting setup.

Now that you know a little more about conversions, let’s get into what you can do to improve conversions on your website.

#1 Mobile Optimize Your Website

Have you ever looked at a website that isn’t properly optimized for mobile on your mobile screen? It’s difficult to navigate, hard to read, and tapping links is a nightmare. This is the number one reason potential clients will bounce from your website within seconds.

Having a mobile optimized website is also important because Google prioritizes mobile optimized websites in its search rankings. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you can forget being found organically on Google listings. 

How do you know if your website is mobile friendly?

You can find out easily by going to this website provided by Google, Mobile Friendly Test

There you just enter your website URL and test it. If you’re results come back clean as a mobile friendly website, you’ll see a green message. If you’re website is not mobile friendly it will come back red.

How can you mobile optimize your website?

Well, I’m assuming you don’t have any experience building websites so you probably won’t be able to implement this on your own. I know I said this was about tips you could implement today, however, anything you implement without a mobile friendly website will be a waste of time so this is what comes first.

If you’re unable to mobile optimize your website alone, either ask your web developer or we could certainly help you out. Just send us a message in our live chat to learn more about how we can help. 

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#2 Large Top Banner With Calls to Action (CTA)

Screenshot courtesy of Retro Dental Broomfield

Above you’ll see an example of what you could do to improve the top banner of your website. You’ll notice the brand is large, phone number pops out in the middle, and there are options to schedule appointments & make payments right there in front of your face.

While your top banner doesn’t need to be THAT big, it still needs to have certain elements that can help out new visitors. It should have your logo on the left side, a spot where your phone number is visible and able to be called with a “tap” on mobile, Online appointment scheduling, payment portal, and even a call to action button or small bar with a current special. 

Don’t have online appointment scheduling? You have a few options. I’ll discuss more below. 

With those elements on your top banner you should be putting yourself in a better position for success.

#3 Make a Sales Funnel

So what is a sales funnel? We tried to illustrate it above. A sales funnel is a process or journey you want to take your visitors through before selling your service. I’ll break down each step for you below.


Awareness has a lot of people in it, this stage you just want to gather as many people as you can to show/tell them about your practice. This can be done through a variety of methods such as blog posts or free info products. At this stage it’s not about selling yourself it’s about letting people know you exist.


At this stage you’ve got your group of individuals who have shown an interest in what you were talking about in the “Awareness” stage. You can track who showed interest by adding a Facebook Tracking Pixel or Google Analytics Tracking tag to your website. Those who clicked through the ad or went to your website from a Google search are the ones who have at least an interest in you. But they haven’t quite made a decision on your practice yet. 

Even if they don’t make a decision on the first visit, you can use your tracking device to show them more ads about your practice. This is what we call re-targeting. You know how when you visit a website and you start seeing their stuff everywhere? You could do this for your business too! Re-targeting helps convert traffic from just interested to taking action that you otherwise would have lost.


At this stage you’ve convinced your prospective patient to make a decision. Whether that’s a call for your offer, fill out a form, or reach out in any other variety of ways, they’ve made the conscious decision to finally make a decision.

You can cheer this stage but there’s still one more step. See, not everyone who reaches out to you is guaranteed to turn into a paying customer. You’ve still got to make sure to not only get in touch with the prospect but to also follow up and make sure they follow through with their action.


Congratulations, after all of your follow up the patient has walked through your front door and is following through with whatever service offer you sold to them. Remember, you didn’t get here immediately, you had to nurture the relationship over time.

If you tried to send everyone directly to the end of your funnel, you’d think you have a failing offer. Maybe you’ve tried to do that before, or worse, you hired an advertising agency that failed you by trying to do this. With that being said, not all offers work, but you’ll have a much better chance through the use of a sales funnel!


#4 Have A Clear Message

Make sure that your website doesn’t confuse your visitors. When someone lands on your homepage they should know what your offer is and how to get it.

As you can see from the website above, there is a clear message on what action they want their visitors to take. They also used our tip #2 by utilizing the top banner to get across the most important information to their website visitors.

This practice clearly revamped their homepage to educate their visitors on the new COVID-19 policy, they’re not only open for emergency care but offering Teledentistry services. They did a great job, does your website convey your message so clearly?

If you haven’t already updated your website to show more information on the new coronavirus restrictions you should get on that ASAP! Need help? Send us a message on our live chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

#5 Make it Easy

Screenshot courtesy of Total Dental Health Solutions

Make it easy for your website visitors to take action. They want the least amount of resistance. A good example of this is by using an online scheduling system. Dr. Feeley uses Zocdoc for his website which makes it as easy as a few clicks to schedule your appointment.

There are a variety of online appointment scheduling services out there, ClinicPilot also offers online scheduling tools for our clients.

Apart from online scheduling you should always have clear calls to action that easily allow your visitor to take that action. If you’re offering free whitening, they should be able to see the offer, click it and immediately be able to fill out whatever information necessary to claim their offer. It should also provide clear and concise instructions on how to redeem the offer. 

Using clear messaging is a simple way to increase your website conversions. Get on your website today and try to nail down your message and make it as easy as possible to obtain


Need Help With Your Website?

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